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Secret forest and breathtaking views at Es Vedra.

Love is in the salty sea air, but also in the whisper of the mountains and the rain in the sky, and Cindy & Vittorio’s wedding was witness to this.

A bohemian wedding in a beautiful villa in the countryside of Ibiza.

This beautiful couple from Switzerland came to Ibiza in search of their dream venue and we are so happy to have found it.

We had been planning for a year and a couple of months, and we tell you that when the day came we had to use *Plan B*, that plan that we never want to use, but that as wedding planners we always need to have well organized and discussed with our bride and groom beforehand.

The day was raining a lot, and the area where the ceremony and dinner were going to be held was outdoors, so we had to cover the patio with a tent that we had already planned, to cover the 60 guests that we had distributed in round tables next to one of the pools for safety.

To give a touch of brightness and light to the space we placed a lot of fairytale lights and the place had a dreamy look.

Finally by the time of the ceremony and throughout the wedding the sun came out and we were able to enjoy all the space the villa had to offer without any inconvenience. The moments was captured by @sanneluna_photographer Wedding Planner @danielatapiaibiza

Thanks to the suppliers who have helped us deliver a dream and unforgettable wedding and to the lovely couple and friends for the amazing party!

Ibiza, 2-09-2023

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