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A wedding in a a  5 Start Luxury Hotel in Ibiza Dani & Pier.

We meet this couple from Brazil in February 2023 and we planning the wedding at the last minute for June 2023.

It was a big challenge for us finding the right place and organizing a big wedding from the other part of the world for 100 guests.

Their 100 guests travelled from all from Sao Paulo to enjoy a weekend full of activities.

We organize the pre wedding day in a Catamaran and we went to  Es Vedra and a hidden beaches to the way of Formentera.

We enjoyed the music from @LucaBorchardt a big dj from Brazil at the boat party and on the wedding day.

The main challenged for us was the last minute planning and prepare and delivery a weekend fully of surprises for the guests.

We are very happy with the great work of our suppliers who have helped us at all times to deliver a luxe wedding in record time!

Ibiza 10-6-2023   

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