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1. You can wear white
In the case of Ibizan weddings you don’t have to worry about the colour white, as as a general rule (unless the bride specifies otherwise) both the couple and the guests can wear white, in the purest Ibizan style.

2. Midi dress
The wedding will most likely be on a beach, so it is best to choose a midi dress because it will be much more comfortable when walking on the sand. If you prefer long or short, go for it!

3. More than just dresses
The dress is the most common garment to wear to this type of wedding, but you can also play with palazzo trousers and a short top, for example. Besides, this look will make you stand out from the rest of the guests.

4. Lightweight fabrics
Choose garments that have drape and movement. It will give a chic touch to the look. We recommend that you avoid denim, for example, even if it is white.

5. Boho accessories
Since you are all going to wear white, the accessory can be the one thing that makes you stand out from the rest of the guests. Go for an authentic boho look, with crowns, belts or bracelets made with flowers.

6. Loose hair
We think that what goes best with this type of wedding is loose hair with natural waves.

7. Simple make-up
In the same way as the hair, the more natural everything is, the more perfect the outfit will be. Use a soft make-up, with very light colours and nothing marked.

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